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Pencils Book


64 pages
25.6 x 20.5 cm
Printed on Olin Regular High White 150g

Published by Brosmind, 2018
First edition of 300
Unsigned or signed by Brosmind
Printed and bound by Grafiko, Barcelona

We love pencils! All our work starts with one in each of our hands and a piece of paper on the table. Where it goes from there we rarely know. The Pencils Book is a collection of some of our best pencil drawings from over the years. It offers a look into the most beautiful and vibrant stage of our creative process. The drawings bear clear marks that tell of our process and problems, of ideas considered and rejected. Erased lines are still visible, doodles and notes appear along the edges of the paper, and the varying intensity of the graphite and smudged surface of the paper are the most apparent traces of how our drawings are made entirely by hand. We hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as we did making it. Viva pencils!

The Pencils Book is sold signed or unsigned.